The screen measures 7’x 10’ x 3’ (The footprint is 10’x 3'; the viewing area is 50” x 34”) which supports audiences of about 100. 
IDEAL LAYOUT. (Placement of the band can be adjusted for each venue).

Approx. 14’X10’ for screen and puppeteers
AND nearby space for five chairs for the band. (Band can be off stage).

Ideal audience:  80 - 120

POWER: Two outlets required, ideally on separate circuits. Two lights are used for the screen. The band uses one light.

TIME: Set-up time is approximately three hours. Performance is 45 minutes. Clean up is approximately one hour. Multiple performances in one day require 60-minute break to reset.

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: We request that no photography or recording devices be allowed during performance. But audience is invited after the show to see and photograph behind-the-scenes.