The screen measures 12’ x 8’ x 3’ (The footprint is 12’ x 3’. The viewing area is 51” x 35”),
which supports audiences of up to 120.
Set-up is 2 1/2 hours.
Perfomance is approximately 50 mins.
15-minute peek behind-the scenes.
Clean up is one hour.

Multiple performances in one day require a 60-minute break to reset.


PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO: We are attempting to create unplugged, acoustic performances. So we request that no photography or recording devices be allowed during performances. 
Intimate, acoustic puppet shows with live music. Featuring 87 puppets, five musicians, three puppeteers,
two lights, one custom-made screen, one overhead projector, and a broom.
Shows include a half-hour reception, a 50-minute performance, and a 15-minute peek behind-the-scenes.

Contact Info:              (404) 449-5505


We are entirely self-contained. Only two outlets required. Total draw is less than 10 Amps. Two lights are used for the screen. The band uses one light.  Total watts:  <800.


Minimum performance area: Approx. 14’ X 10’ for screen and puppeteers AND nearby space for five chairs for the band. (Band can be off-stage). Black boxes and theaters for 80-120 are ideal.